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👋 Hi.

I'm Sam. Husband, dad, programmer, whisky-drinker, infrequent writer. I love video games, lie-ins, cold weather, and being indoors. I buy more books than I read, I'm scared of spiders and wasps, and I put lots of ice in my whisky.

It's really nice to meet you.

👨🏻‍💻 I code.

You can find me on GitHub. Here are some of the things I've written and am proud of:

  • rust-debugger: a ptrace-based debugger written in Rust.
  • hmm: a little command line note taking tool written in Rust.
  • streamdeck: Go bindings for the StreamDeck API.
  • livesplit: Go bindings for the LiveSplit API.

⌨️ I write.

You can see all of my posts here, but my favourites are:

I wrote an article for Human Readable Magazine:

I've written blog posts for companies I've worked for. Some of the more recent ones:

📖 I read.

My all-time favourite things on the internet can be found here. If you read them and like them, tweet me and tell me! I'd love to chat about them with you.

I've been reviewing technical books for Pragmatic Bookshelf for many years. I started doing it during university as a way to get free books, and have carried it on in to my professional life. You'll find me acknowledged in the following books, and many others:

🌐 I Internet.